How I work to create change and transformation

The Believe Framework(TM) – my BESPOKE coaching model

I believe in your ability to find the answers you are seeking. When you unlock your self leadership power you are able to change your thinking and your behaviour, to be resourceful and to succeed in designing, directing and shining in a career you are love and can thrive in. Yes, I have ideas and experience but it’s not my role to tell you what to do, to judge  or to influence your thoughts and behaviour. It’s my role as a coach to facilitate your own discovery and development through coaching and training interventions.

I work with my own bespoke coaching model the Believe Framework (TM) which gives structure and depth to the my programmes. This enables you to explore, learn, challenge, reframe and make decisions effectively on your own. All under my watchful, creative and nurturing eye.

Beliefs are powerful and personal. They are the magic dust which sit within us. A lot of our beliefs we don’t recognise immediately as a key influencer to our thinking and behaviour. They feel so right that we fail to question or consider alternatives. Master  beliefs you will start to engage positive self leadership to inspire and influence our thinking and behaviour. To move away from excuses, self doubt and tunnelled vision. Consequently, because of their importance beliefs sit at the heart of my coaching model.

My 4 P’s – the core career & performance pillars –  PURPOSE – PRIORITIES – PASSION – POWERS. Embracing self awareness from your core outwards. Therefore, populate these 4 pillars and shifts become easier.

Self-leadership is a powerful approach which enables you to inspire and influence your thinking and behaviour for positive action even against fear and uncertainty. It takes the form of powerful in-depth self awareness which enable you to build empowering beliefs and personal influencing /management strategies. As a result, Self-Leadership creates better performers, decision makers, risk takers, leaders, team players, peers, friends and parents.

Reflect & recalibrate With a past in organisational operations I’m well equipped to understand that systems sometimes stop working. Despite years of doing a good job often they need a rethink and an upgrade.  When I started to apply recalibration thinking myself it revolutionised my ability to function in all aspects of my life. That is why through my programmes focus on recalibrating personal operating systems.

Tried & tested coaching techniques and methodology my coaching model includes a tool box of techniques and methods rooted in other models such as Co-Active, GROW, Solutions Focused, Gestalt, NLP and Mindfulness.