Clarity Fix

clarity fix

“When I first saw Victoria I was suffering with a severe case of “can’t see the woods for the trees” As soon as we had finished our first coaching session I already felt that I was finding my way again”.



want to make changes but don’t know why, where or how to start?

a ‘clarity fix’ will help you make sense of thinking, remove overwhelm and confusion. It will empower you to lead yourself to take CONFIDENT action immediately.

A concentrated 1:1 intervention and breakthrough coaching program over a 4-6 week period. Perfect if you have hit a wall, can’t see the wood through the trees and in addition want support on answering specific questions and challenges. Such as, What’s holding me back?, What’s my career vision? How can I burst through the ceiling and into the next level in my career?, What can I do to correct bad habits or ineffective working?, How can I beat overwhelm?  How can I feel more energised in my career everyday?….. You ask the questions you want crystal clear clarity on and we find the answers together.

Through this programme using my unique BELIEVE FRAMEWORK you will…

  • Explore with a commitment and tenacity to get to the root of your challenge.
  • Brainstorm, analyse and stretch your thinking in ways you haven’t been able to alone.
  • Get crystal clear and visualise your solutions.
  • Be truly honest and identity what’s standing in your way, clouding your thinking and keeping you from seeing and believing in answers and action.
  • Challenge the beliefs which are keeping you stuck
  • Manage and tune out the mind monkey chatter which feeds self doubt and procrastination.
  • Face your fears and learn personal strategies to step outside of your comfort zone.
  • Remove the frustration, overwhelm and inertia that comes from feeling stuck and unable to see clearly.
  • Connect with your inner self leader to power the mindset and strategies you need to personally take your from stuck to  and action.



Coaching is more than just conversations and coaching sessions.  We will work as partners over an agreed contract period to keep you working constantly, to make you think and to challenge your status quo. Furthermore, I’ll keep you accountable and ensure you take action so as to meet your vision and goals quickly.

Book as either 2 x 1.5hr coaching sessions or 3 x 1hr coaching sessions.

Coaching with a certified and experienced professional, no judgement and a safe space for honest reflection. Additionally, a tried and tested tool kit of strategies and techniques to support you in getting results. A true supporter and believer in your ability to succeed.

Email check in and accountability support throughout coaching contract.

Post session homework material, worksheets and recommended reading for continued exploration and development. Free guides, checklists and other resources where appropriate.

Flexible coaching times and options with an online booking system making it easy and quick to book in and get seen when you need it most.


Other career transformation options

PLUS if you are looking for on-going monthly support for momentum, accountability and changing challenges, then why not try my 1:1 coaching ‘Achieve More’ monthly support package – more information here