If you couldn’t fail what would you do now which would transform your year and your career?

This is one of the most powerful questions from a coaches toolbox. Powerful because it removes one of the biggest factors getting in the way of your ability to achieve all you dream of. That is the fear of failure.

Fear of failure sits within all of us. No matter how experienced we are or how confident we generally feel most of the time. At the back of our mind is the sense of potential failure whenever we look to make a change or pursue a dream.

More and more is written about how failure is the key to success and a bed of learning but we still hesitate. Many people continue to tread water in fear of what may happen. Moreover, they put their dreams, ideas and desires to the back of their mind and hide. Too often change and transformation which will fulfil and satisfy is avoided rather than pursued.

Could this be you? Don’t worry if it resonates as you are definitely not alone.

With just over 4 months left of 2018, what is it you really want to do which you could step change your career and or performance ? What could fundamentally transform your year and your future? What are you stepping back and hesitating on?


A conversation with your boss about a promotion or payrise?

A new qualification?

A search for a new job?

A change in team structure?

Going to networking events?

Saying yes to the public speaking opportunity?

Shut your eyes, take a minute and let the dream and action rise to the surface. Allow yourself to come out from behind your safe barrier giving yourself permission to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself the question, ‘If I knew I could not fail what would I do right now to create transformation by the end of this year?

Got it? Can you see it? Feel it?

Are you ready to go for it or is anxiety and a plethora of excuses coming into your mind too?

A great strategy to beat fear of failure is to pour out all the fears you hold around pursuing the dream or the change. Get to the root of what you truly fear or feel anxious about. Equally important is being curious and exploring the stories you have playing in your head. So, now ask ‘what’s the worst that could happen if I decide to go for this?

Visualising failure may feel like a path to doom but it’s not if you are willing to challenge your thinking. Getting closer to your fear of failure will empower you. In essence it fuels planning and make you more resourceful.

Additionally, understanding what you fear also gives you the chance to debate your thinking. It allows you to counter your stories around ‘perceived’ failure with a more rationale perspective. Even if initially you don’t believe there is any other point of view or end result. It enables you to build up a bank of beliefs which will work for you not against you as you take steps out of your comfort zone.

Author Tim Ferris captures perfectly how we need to deal with our fear in this quote. ‘The goal isn’t to be fearless, the goal is to fear less’. Arming yourself with greater awareness around what you truly want and the stories you are telling yourself is important to driving change.  Then using self-leadership strategies such as auditing, debating, planning, talking, meditating, yoga, eating and breathing well will equip you to pursue the path towards transformation. with greater confidence.

In conclusion, you are standing on the potential to transform you career, performance and life. Are you ready to push yourself through your fears?


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