Habits which kill your productivity

In this 24/7 world we live in it’s getting harder and harder to be productive. To get into flow when you need to concentrate and to manage your attention. However, you have the power to be more productive by getting on top of habits which lead you to self sabotage your own productivity levels.

Check out the list below and put your hand up to which you recognise as your habits;

Having no routine

Bad sleep ‘hygiene’ (you know iPhone in bed, netflix binges late into the night, too much caffeine….) and poor sleep

Saying Yes when you know you really should say No

Not planning your day ahead

Having no to do list

Not being clear on priorities – focusing on all the quick and easy things on your to do list!

Deviating from your to do list

Wearing multitasking as a badge of honour

Not taking breaks

Poor eating habits

Excessive use of social media

Being a slave to your email

Trying to do everything yourself

Having a cluttered work space

No systems or structure to your work flow

Spending time with energy zapping friends, family and colleagues!

‘Fear of missing out’ tendencies

Change any of these and you’ll instantly start to repair your productivity level.

Pick at least 3 for this week and really focus on step changing the way you behave and lead yourself. Comment below to keep yourself accountable! or email me for a little motivation from the sidelines

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