1:1 Coaching

Working 1:1 with a coach creates transformation.  Either in person or online via Zoom, I use tried and tested coaching tools, creative techniques and the art of deep questionning to build clarity, confidence and action quickly.

Whether you are coming to me privately to invest in your own personal and professional development, or as a business owner who wants to support your team development, I will create programmes which match your needs and get the transformative results you seek quickly.

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how I support my coachees


Career Transformation –Get promoted –  Career Change – Return to work – Manage forced and unforced transitions – Fall back in love with your career


Update the personal operating system – Improve and learn new skills – Be more productive  – Develop stronger relationships – Maximise potential – Leadership Skills


Time management – Confidence –  Boost Self-Esteem – Mid-life reset


Redefine your work/life  success criteria & needs- Create boundaries – Manage overwhelm – Navigate life & work

HOW it works

As a certified coach, I will help you with practical support and tools to find clarity and confidence to take action. Support you as you reflect, recalibrate and redirect yourself with the best mindset and belief system plus key self leadership startegies to help YOU to take control and make the transformations you need to achieve more of what you truly want,


Take a look at my example one to one coaching programmes below. Every coaching programme I deliver is tailored to your brief using one of these programmes as a foundation.  Can’t see what you are looking for? let’s chat – many of my coaching clients end up with their own bespoke programme.

Be happier, more satisfied and fulfilled, smash your goals and ambitions and achieve the most out of life and career.


Compromising on happiness or satisfaction in life and work

Going around in circles

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stretched

Not fulfilling all your potential

Not living the life your truly want or working in a career which does not tick all your boxes

Feeling bored, stuck, restless and trapped

Using out of date tactics which may have helped in the past but no longer serve you to get the best out of yourself and your life


Living and working with purpose and clear direction

Upgrade your skills ,and add more skills to your bank of excellence, to enable you to get that promotion, switch career or re-engage with your current job

Challenge your beliefs and change those which don’t serve you to achieve your career and life aspirations

Maximise your performance potential

Feeling more in control of yourself, your career, your relationships and your life

Being clearer on who you are today, who you want to be and how you can effectively lead yourself to ensure evey day is a best day for YOU and those around you at home and at work

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