Power huddle

power huddle

“Through my coaching with Victoria, I’ve acquired a better understanding of my core values, what motivates me and how this drives my interaction with others. The information has helped me improve relationships that were in danger of breaking down, secured me a promotion at work and has left me feeling more confident than ever before. Victoria’s helped me pull myself out of a rut and I’m now pushing ahead with more energy and focus than ever before – strangely on a path I wasn’t expecting.”


Think you have no time to stop, take a breath and get focused to make changes and achieve more of what will really make you happy & successful? Then this is the programme for you as we spend half a day huddled together and focusing on ‘you – your challenge, your vision and your success CRITERIA so that you can walk away with clarity, insights, strategies and a plan.

Power huddle is the two of us heads together and working over a 5-6 hour period to create clarity, direction and action for immediate growth and change.

Through this using my unique BELIEVE FRAMEWORK you will…

  • In a concentrated period get focused, ask questions, challenge and make sense of thinking then build a clearer picture of what you want, what’s getting in the way and actions needed.
  • Put meaning to your career goals, success criteria or performance needs.
  • Develop your vision, your mindset, your belief and your personal strategies to breakthrough to the next phase of your career and performance.
  • Finally have a day which you completely invest your attention in you!
  • You’ll leave the huddle with insight, understanding, ideas, belief and motivation to move you forward with the action steps you identify immediately.

Available as in person coaching only


Work with me on this programme and you’ll get…

Coaching is more than just conversations and coaching sessions.  We will work as partners over an agreed contract period to keep you working constantly, to make you think, to challenge your status quo, keep you accountable and ensure action so as to meet your vision and goals quickly.

One coaching session for 5-6 hours fully focused on you with a certified and experienced professional coach.  No judgement, a safe space and a tried and tested tool kit of strategies and techniques to support you in getting results. A true supporter and believer in your ability to succeed.

Everything DiSC behaviour profile

Email check in and accountability support for a month post the Power Huddle.

Free guides, checklists and other resources where appropriate.Flexible coaching times and options with an online booking system making it easy and quick to book in and get seen when you need it most.

Investment cost varies dependent upon your brief and programme. I do not price coaching per session or by hour but on the value of service and impact you will achieve. Investment ranges from £500 to £3,500 for private coaching for initial programmes. 


PLUS if you are looking for on-going monthly support for momentum, accountability and changing challenges, then why not try my 1:1 coaching ‘Achieve More’ monthly support package – more information here