Career change & transformation coaching

“I can honestly say that working with Victoria has been a life changing experience.I’ve spent many years being unhappy with my career. I knew what I was doing wasn’t really ‘me’ – but I didn’t have the confidence or clarity to be able to do anything about it With Victoria’s calm, warm and wise guidance I have made huge strides towards changing career and finding work that feels authentic to me.” Rebecca

if you want TO LIVE A RICHER, HAPPIER, BALANCED AND MORE FULFILLED LIFe then you need to keep your eye on the ‘design’ of your career not just have a career.

This programme will help you manage restlessness, disatisfaction and indecision which empowers career change, re-engagement and advancement. This programme can help you find answers, confidence, ideas and most importantly create the transformations through action to help you make everyday your best day as you head through mid life.

Through this programme using my unique BELIEVE FRAMEWORK you will…

  • Become crystal clear on your career dreams and vision.
  • Learn to lead yourself  better with a growth mindset, empowering beliefs and a toolbox of strategies which will energise, inspire and maximise your ability to fulfil potential and ambition.
  • Face change and new opportunities which make your heart sing with deep personal insight.
  • Achieve greater confidence in your decision making.
  • Generate ideas and find the motivation to take action.
  • Tackle overwhelm and confused thinking.
  • Eliminate any re-occurring negative sentiments of feeling bored, lost, trapped and stuck.
  • Learn to tune out the negative mind monkey chatter which exhausts, confuses and powers imposter syndrome.
  • Start to replace poor self leadership habits and behaviour with positive energy boosting behaviour.
  • Stop treading water; stop wondering, hesitating and jump of the treadmill you find yourself on.Start to feel energised and less tired every day.
  • Start to feel energised and less tired every day.
  • Be confident, empowered and ready to design, direct and shine in your mid life career starting right now.
  • Create a career story you will look back on with pride because it is full of positive growth, rewarding memories and satisfaction.


Work with me on this programme and you’ll get…

Coaching is more than just conversations and coaching sessions.  We will work as partners over an agreed contract period to keep you working constantly, to make you think, to challenge your status quo, keep you accountable and ensure action so as to meet your vision and goals quickly.

Coaching sessions are 1hr or 1.5hrs long. The number of sessions will depend on the length of coaching. There are 3 levels of programme to choose from. Level 1 = 6 coaching sessions | Level 2 = 10 coaching sessions | level 3 = 14 coaching sessions plus VIP interview coaching and continuation coaching support for 6 months.

An options for Everything DiSC behaviour profile of your choice

Email check in and accountability support throughout the coaching journey and beyond. Free guides, checklists and other resources where appropriate.

Flexible coaching times and options with an online booking system making it easy and quick to book in and get seen when you need it most

Bonus: Free cv and interview checklists.

INVESTMENT: Programmes range from £800 to £2,500