My coaching experience with Victoria has been extremely beneficial, targeting an improvement in commercial thinking within my current role. She ran the sessions with a combination of planned structure and flexibility to challenge my thinking and encourage the development of new skills. I would highly recommend her as a coach!

Tom, London

I can honestly say that working with Victoria has been a life-changing experience.

I’ve spent many years being unhappy with my career. I knew what I was doing wasn’t really ‘me’ – but I didn’t have the confidence or clarity to be able to do anything about it.

I’d toyed with the idea of working with a coach to help me – but I had doubts about whether the benefits would outweigh the cost or whether the coach would really be able to help me solve what I thought were unsolvable issues. But very early one morning I came across Victoria’s website, and I loved what I read. I got in touch and after quick consultation, I knew that she was the right person to help me.

With Victoria’s calm, warm and wise guidance I have made huge strides towards changing career and finding work that feels authentic to me. But perhaps more importantly, she has helped me identify the values that are at my core and understand what makes me happy and gives my life purpose and meaning.

Victoria has an amazing ability to coax ideas and thoughts out of me – things that on reflection seem so obvious, but without her, I would never have recognised. And thanks to Victoria, I now have tools that I can use for the rest of my life – tools that enable me to make better decisions and that give me the confidence to take positive action when I’m feeling stuck.

Samuel, London

Samuel, London

I believe that everyone should have a coach like Victoria. Through working together, I have found more confidence, effective working strategies and focused performance at a time when I am setting the direction for my career and entire life. The coaching experience has been an invaluable investment which has allowed me to overcome challenges such as overwhelm, self-doubt and productivity that without Victoria’s support I would have continued to stumble and fallen at.

NIck Sibley, Marketing Executive

Nick S

For most of my life my mother has been going on at me about procrastinating and now even in mid-life, it has continued to plague me and negatively influence my performance, particularly my work. Well, that was until I decided to address it with Victoria’s help.

Victoria has given me fantastic tools and support to deal with this deeply frustrating attribute. The result has been a very significant change in my performance and efficiency, both at work and home. I would therefore highly recommend Victoria for this and other help with performance and focus related issues.

I am delighted, as is my mother!


Mark J

Through my coaching with Victoria, I’ve acquired a better understanding of my core values, what motivates me and how this drives my interaction with others. The information has helped me improve relationships that were in danger of breaking down, secured me a promotion at work and has left me feeling more confident than ever before. Victoria’s helped me pull myself out of a rut and I’m now pushing ahead with more energy and focus than ever before – strangely on a path I wasn’t expecting

Jon L – IT Lead.

JL – IT Lead

We had the incredible privilege of having Victoria Walsh run a confidence workshop at Chapter.Con this weekend.

The feedback has been phenomenal. Many folks had engaged previously in a similar idea but had not found any worth in it – then they had a session with Victoria Walsh and they were blown away by it. It elicited a lot of powerful emotions and some incredible motivation and inspiration.

Seriously, check out her consultancy work

Katie John – Author and Conference Lead


“We really enjoyed our collaboration with Victoria Walsh as part of our Refinery29 UK x adidas post run events series at the adidas Brick Lane Studio in London. Victoria took part in a Refinery29 UK Facebook Live as well as giving a post run talk on ‘How can we manage a busy life effectively’. Her involvement was a highlight for us and for our audience!”


Victoria is a professional, authentic and an incredibly insightful coach. After just one coaching session together she managed to unpick what was holding me back on my job search and also to face the fears that I had created along the way. She also brought empathy to the session and a wealth of experience of the corporate world which she has spent a long time working in. I would thoroughly recommend a coaching programme with Victoria especially if you are going through a transitional period and need someone to help navigate next steps. I love her honesty and pragmatic approach. She has a great passion for wanting to help people and make a difference and I know as a result I now have clarity on what I need to do next.

Rebecca – London 

Rebecca, HR consultant

When I started working with Vicki, I felt I was lost and unsure if I wanted to remain with the company I had helped build, or look to do something completely different. Through focused sessions, Vicki challenged me to think about who I am and what I truly valued, allowing me to define what I wanted to achieve from my career going forwards. I’m now clear, positive, focused and more confident in my path ahead. Making changes to the way I am thinking and behaving is going to have strong impact on my future success.

P Churchman, Director

I met Victoria at networking event and always wanted to be coached. I have my own business and felt I always hit a barrier to achieve the success I desire. I am driven to succeed and love what I do, but sometimes I get stuck on looking at why others seem to be achieving more rather looking at my own success and achievements. My head was full of thoughts such as why not me? What is stopping me?

After meeting with Victoria, from that very first session, I knew coaching was the right decision. Having worked with Victoria for a few months now I have seen positive changes in my business and me as a person. These changes are driving me forward and taking me closer to the success I desire.

Biju R – London

BR, Entrepreneur