If you’re looking for an experienced, professional coach who is committed to making you the success that you always wanted to be, then I would strongly recommend Victoria Walsh.

There are a number of areas which have been focused on in the last 6 months.  It’s very difficult to put into words the incredible journey I’ve been on with Vicky, but what I do know is that 6 months ago I was fed up with treading water with a start up I’d created and my health was stood still.  I was frustrated with my constant procrastinations and unable to give myself the necessary kick up the arse to get things moving.  With the insightful and focused coaching from Victoria I suddenly found:

  • What makes me tick and what I love as an individual. I’d forgotten the things that put a smile on myself and get me up in the morning.
  • Realisation that if I spent a bit more time on me, then the rest of the world is a good place and less challenging.
  • I recognised my procrastination behaviours and how it was stopping me from moving forward. Victoria  gave me the insight and skills in managing procrastination. Suddenly I found actions started and my career started moving forward again.

Jonathan Mayne – London

J Mayne, Program Director & Small business owner

When I first saw Victoria I was suffering with a severe case of “can’t see the woods for the trees” As soon as we had finished our first coaching session I already felt that I was finding my way again. Victoria enabled me to understand what my values are and what drives me. I discovered things about the way that I work and how I do business that I had never knew existed and they have made me appreciate why I work as I do. Importantly, she has given me tools to allow me to continue our work on my own and achieve the future goals that I have set myself.

Kate Smart – London

Kate, Business Owner, Teddington

Right (and left) hands don’t get any better than Victoria. With a moral compass centred on team achievements, serious backbone and tenacity, adding Victoria to your mix will reap rewards. Adept at crafting business plans, her skill at pulling together teams that perform is a joy to watch. She and I have experienced highs and lows like no other and she’s the one who is dusting you off and pulling together to break through whatever the challenge is. It was a privilege to have had this lady by my side for many years. Hire her; it will be best decision you make today.

Carey Trevil – London

Carey, MD/Consultant

I worked with Victoria for 6 months and she was fantastic. Her techniques and understanding have really helped me on a day to day basis and also allow me to see the bigger picture in the longer term.
I would recommend to anyone that they should see and speak to Victoria. She really does help.

Mark, Director

After a career break, a decision to branch out on my own and be my own boss working with Victoria has helped me keep a sense of calm and control as I face many a challenge as an entrepreneur. Coaching with Victoria has allowed me to explore parts of me and my vision I would never have considered. It’s allowed me to work through what’s on my mind with focus and achieve clarity to be decisive on actions. Victoria is a fantastic partner to have beside me as I work to build my dream.

Sarah – London

Sarah, Photographer, London

I was at a turning point with my business, wanting to move it forward and brimming with ideas, yet stuck in the busy-ness of the ‘day to day’;  a classic case of not being able to see the wood for the trees. Victoria has helped me on so many levels; visualising where I want to be, allowing me the space to set myself tangible tasks and ensuring accountability to get the work done.  Using creative and diverse techniques, Victoria has enabled me to really explore not just my work, but how it fits in with my personal and family life.  We’ve explored my own personality traits and how they enhance my business (as well as realising what I need to develop to move it forwards).I look forward to our regular sessions as I always come away with clarity and confidence, and a plan of action.

Kate Curtis – London

Kate, Business Owner, London

I worked with Victoria for several years – as a business leader and motivator she was second to none, consistently professional and always willing to use her extensive knowledge and wealth of experience to guide others.

Her diligence and attention-to-detail was meticulous, she was great at dealing with tough challenges and was an extremely organised executor.  I can say I constantly found myself learning something new from her, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her in a professional capacity to anyone

Nigel, Business Director, London