About me

HELLO THERE – I’m Victoria Walsh


Let me introduce myself

‘Stuck’ ‘trapped’ ‘bored’- these were the words I used for a long time to describe my successful marketing career. Thinking there was no way to change, not understanding why after spending so many years going up the ladder and achieving what I thought was what i wanted, I could feel so trapped and lost. Then mid-life hit me and the feelings multiplied but so did the desire to do something about it.

I admit I had no real plan when I kicked off my career, went with the flow for a long time banking a wealth of over 20 years experience in marketing agencies and for companies such as Nokia and Sony Pictures. By my  30s I was Board Level and enjoyed diverse roles such as operations, client service, project management and leadership. Tonnes of experience, great results, awards and salary. By late 30s I found myself unaligned to where I was and what I was doing. It was hard to admit my love of marketing had been lost. That I wanted more but didn’t know how or where to look for what would inspire and fulfil the gaps.  By 40 my health and wellbeing were starting to suffer as the energy and buzz of my career escaped me. It wasn’t just parenthood priority changes as I hit mid-career, it was a niggle that I was destined to do more and make more of this life, It was after a period of working with my own coach and self reflection that focused my attention on what was important to me, my true vision of success and my own self doubt.

Roll on today and i’ve turned my career around and my life. I use words like ‘inspired’ ‘fulfilled’ and ‘love’ to define where I am today. I get to use the creativity, strategic thinking and my passion for nurturing and supporting talent I built up over years of working in one industry and on my career path, but now doing what truly makes me happy. I’m powered by my belief in pushing through fear, uncertainty and our own poor habits and thinking. I want to help other mid-lifers create happy careers and achieve life aspirations. I’m full of wisdom and strategies based on experience and training, I’ll guide, empower and inspire you to create the transformations you seek and maximise fulfilment, potential and success, no compromises.


A key driver in my work as a coach is the power of our beliefs. For the most part too many of mine held me back. When I made this connection I felt liberated. It drives my commitment to help others understand and navigate their beliefs for greater career and performance success through self leadership.

I believe in people and not blame.

I believe happiness comes before success

I believe we have more inside to give than many people ever truly get the chance to show

I believe our beliefs can be our secret power as much as they are too often our strongest adversary.

I believe my time is precious, it can never be returned. So why waste any day not feeling happy,  fulfilled and achieving potential. Everyday should be a day we say ‘that was the best day!’.


With over half my career spent at board level I’m very practiced in nurturing talent and change as people and businesses grow and transition.

I’m no stranger to pressure, commercial challenges and business management of small and large organisations. I’ve worked through highs and lows of the economy, thereby faced redundancy, mergers and organisational transitions. With 2 children under 10, I particularly know first hand how difficult it is to manage a busy life and career, societal pressure and perceived standards, yet still deliver your best.

I’m a qualified and certified Coach from the AOEC, certified Everything Disc® trainer, certified Belief Change Practitioner and experienced business leader, trainer and university lecturer. I’ve coached 100s of people one to one or in workshops to create transformations.

I currently also contribute to the Institute of Promotional Marketing 30 under 30 scheme. Additionally, I work with Kingston University on the business readiness programme with undergraduate business, marketing and law students improving employability skills.


I’m a mum of two  and wife to an avid Liverpool fan. With Izzy the Cocker Spaniel and Rhett the cat (yes i admit I Iove Gone with the wind!) by my side. I’m working to live life to the fullest and accepting no compromise to work/ life balance and fulfilment.

I’m a creative and strategic thinker, process lover, detail queen and supporter of others. I have a passion for digging deep and finding solutions. Consequently, I love to grab hold of new challenges with positivity and well oomph!

I tap dance in my spare time, practice yoga and I love musicals, (By the way I have 5 grades in singing but don’t ask me to sing in public!).



As a coach I wish I could magically create the change and improvement you are wishing for overnight. However, it takes a little time, commitment and a lot of effort to reap the benefits of coaching. But through coaching change and improvement is within your grasp quickly.

What you get from me as your coach is;

I have belief in you! –You can and will achieve your vision of success. You will find an energetic and positive partner who is subsequently committed to your growth. I have no vested interest but to keep you accountable, motivated and focused.

Positivity – It’s more than a smile and bit of energy (although I bring oodles of that). It’s my ability to see not a problem but an opportunity. To reframe and put things in perspective and move you forward with growth in mind.

Experience  & empathy – I look back with pride on all I’ve achieved but it’s not been without my own personal struggles, stress, confusion, hair pulling and inner mind monkey chatter.

Challenge – I’ll push you with your permission to look at things differently, facing feelings and thoughts you have not pushed yourself to acknowledge before.

Partnership – we work together. You lead and I follow in what we call a designed alliance.

Fun – With creativity in my DNA from years of working in marketing our sessions will be fun!