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performance workshops / seminars

Workshops and seminars offer a cost efficient way to create stand out performance from your teams. Maximise individual and group potential, drive behaviour and mindset changes and manage team motivation, relationships, confidence, productivity and success in a fun and engaging manner.



performance WORKSHOPS

TEAM BUILDER – Boost team performance and effectiveness using Everything DiSC profiles as the backdrop to an interactive and insight led workshop . The workshop is tailored to incorporate a focus on your specific team challenges and development needs. ;

  • Create a platform for personal and team reflection in order to initiate discussion and changes in behaviour and thinking from the outset.
  • Define individual and team stretch goals for success with a focus on alignment and agreement for impact and accountability.
  • Gain clarity on individual natural behaviour tendency based on the 4 Everything DiSC profiles. Furthermore learn to maximise this behaviour and how to recognise when you need to a flex this behaviour in order to improve communication, effectiveness and relationships.
  • Gain insight on how others think, behave and what motivates each style and learn how to adapt your style in order to improve results.
  • Understand combined team strengths, how they can be maximised and  moreover where there are gaps for personal and team development.
  • Find out more about Everything DiSC profile options here. These workshops can be built around different profiles.
  • This workshop is ideal for those seeking to build team performance in leadership, communication, relationships and cohesion.

(One or two day performance workshop.)

MASTER YOUR MIND MONKEY – Boost confidence, action and effectiveness by focusing on one of the biggest blocks to performance the critical ‘Mind Monkey’. Learning to manage your self talk will create huge transformations. Understanding how to spot where your self talk limits you, learning the strategies to manage your thinking and the inner voices, enables you to build greater confidence. Become a better decision-making, beat procrastination, develop stronger leadership and achieve more as individuals and teams. (half day or one day performance workshop)

BELIEF TRANSFORMATION FOR IMPROVED PERFORMANCE –  Master the power of your beliefs so as to step change your behaviour and transform you overall performance as individuals and as a team. Empowering and strong serving beliefs lead to energy and action being directed in the right way.  In this full day workshop, we take a curious and dynamic look at your beliefs. We audit them, challenge them and weed out the unhelpful thinking which may be holding you back to say nothing of naturally limiting your performance. Then we build up a set of replacement or developed beliefs which will drive you with confidence and energy. (One or two day workshop). Incorporates French/ Burgess Belief Change Process as a Certified Belief Change Practitioner.

SMARTER WORKING TO MANAGE BEST PERFORMANCE AND LIMIT OVERWHELM – In today’s busy world overwhelm, and its partners anxiety and burnout, are finding their way into the workplace and our lives more and more. Therefore being able to lead yourself to always ‘work smarter’ is a fundamental skill to develop. By understanding what your best performing self looks like and how you can unconsciously lead yourself ineffectively,  you can learn to deliver greater productivity, clearer thinking and improved wellbeing. In this workshop we focus on reflection, developing a growth mindset, understanding habits and learn strategies which will improve ability to plan, prioritise and manage inner critical thinking. (One or two day performance workshop).

SELF LEADERSHIP MASTER CLASS – Empower yourself to step change performance – individually and as a team. Learn to inspire, influence and manage your performance with a focus on mindset, beliefs and behaviour. This workshop takes all attendees on a process of self discovery and an understanding of their personal powers and obstacles which can impact performance potential. Consequently, with this developed knowledge we can then focus attention on strategies to correct poor self leadership behaviour. The end result is improved impact, relationships, communication and effectiveness. (One or two day performance workshop).

GIVING & RECEIVING FEEDBACK – A fundamental skill which impacts not only individual and team performance but ultimately the organisations ability to reach goals. Motivation, well-being, service, retention, leadership and growth all require everyone in your business to know how to effectively feedback to one and other, to be able to clearly understand expectations and to take action in the right direction. In this half day workshop using DiSC profiles to help broaden awareness of individual differences and response triggers, we will work to build reflect, review and learn an effective feedback model. (One or two day performance workshop).